Project leader for language cafés at asylum centers

Helsingborg Business Community is
a project that aims at creating broad and strong networks to the Swedish labor market for new, international citizens of Helsingborg. We are doing that by creating weekly events such as seminars, workshops and network meetings that give international citizens tools to grow their own professional networks. 

We are currently looking for four new part-time workers who are willing to help this project grow! The person we are looking for must be outgoing and social and open for new experiences! 

This is a part-time job at 25% that is perfect to combine with your SFI or SAS studies! Some meetings will be scheduled but apart from that you can manage your working hours very much by yourself. Your job as a project leader for the language cafés will be split into two parts, where the first part will focus on the languages cafés. Being able to communicate in the Swedish language is one of the most important steps to be able to integrate properly into Swedish society. However because of the large queues to start learning Swedish at SFI it can take a long time for some people before they can start studying Swedish. Therefore we are now looking for someone to coordinate Swedish language cafés in asylum centers in and around Helsingborg. Your job will be to start up language café(s) by finding volunteers who can teach Swedish, coordinate schedules that fit both the volunteers and the asylum centers, and participate and help out in the language cafés yourself.

The second part of your job will be to act as an ambassador for Helsingborg Business Community at your own SFI School, asylum centers or at other strategic places. Your assignments will be to present the project and our events for different classes, put up posters and market the project through word-of-mouth. 

- Currently studying at SFI (Svenska för invandrare) or SAS (Svenska som andraspråk) is preferable 
- You must be able to speak English and some Swedish 
- Previous experience in teaching is preferable but not a requirement 
- Previous experience in event planning and leadership is preferable

Send in your CV and a personal letter - preferably in English - to: at the latest at 24.00, 31st July 2016

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